Festive Treat Box


20-pieces only.


🎄 Vanilla cherry log cake, chiffon cake, vanilla chantilly, dark pitted cherry
🎄 Rocky road, milk chocolate, marshmallow, almond
🎄 Christmas fruitcake, orange infused dried fruit
🎄 Mont blanc, chestnut cream, vanilla chantilly, blackberry confit
🎄 Profiterole, raspberry cream, craquelin
🎄 Cheesecake, pistachio, sour cherry
🎄 Dominostein, marzipan, apricot jelly
🎄 Christmas cookie, cinnamon star
🎄 Caramel praline, sea salt
🎄 Dark chocolate praline, apricot

Available from 29 November 2022 onwards. Orders must be placed at a minimum of 24-hours prior to self-collection or delivery. 

Please visit our Store Information page for more information about our operating hours, self-collection, delivery service and payment method.